Steel Constroduction

In Turkey and other regions located above the earthquake belt, investors now prefer steel structures for safe structures. Steel construction is a type of foundation that is used for all purposes in all parts of the world today and is used in every structure that requires durability, strength and longevity. Steel is the most accurate construction building material for every floor class and earthquake zones with its lightness, high strength and durability, more elastic structure and creep properties compared to alternative products.

The steel construction structures that we have made as Dekta engineering are disassembled systems. All manufacturing is carried out and shipped in our factory, only if there are details that need to be done on site, such as the installation of door frames, they are completed at the construction site. The structure can be dismantled and moved to another place when desired. The fact that it is column-free allows you to use the area completely comfortably. The use of the desired side height and the shelf systems in the desired dimensions provide more space for use.

Steel structure and its elements can be painted with options such as hot dip galvanized, electrostatic galvanized, electrostatic powder coating, cellulosic wet paint. It provides high resistance against rusting by coating both the inner and outer surfaces of hot dipped galvanized profiles. It is widely used in storage, exhibition, sports and aircraft hangar construction, large field, construction site and factory construction worldwide due to the fact that it can easily keep up with any floor, it can be disassembled, its walls and floors can be easily covered, it is resistant to weather conditions.

A license can be obtained for tent structures together with ventilation, fire installation, electrical installation, architectural, static projects. You can contact Dekta Tent for detailed information.


As DEKTA, tarpaulin, sheet, panel, etc. as coating material on steel construction. we have applications. The variety of tarpaulins used in the buildings is the most preferred coating option due to the fact that the tarpaulin material is economically more suitable, maintenance and repair costs are lower and easier. It is easy and fast to process, assemble and maintain. Sheet metal and panel type Decking materials are also among the applications made.

Coronavirus, etc. in patented tarpaulins produced with silver ion yarns with new technological developments. it has been observed that viruses cannot take hold and disappear over time. Measures can be taken against the spread of the virus by covering public areas such as changing areas, shopping malls, schools, sports centers, restaurants with tarpaulin.

At DEKTA, solutions suitable for the purpose for which the structure will be used are provided. Insulation is recommended in storage areas. The reason for this is that the tarpaulin used as a coating material falls in the form of drops by sweating slightly in the morning. If the material and location inside the structure are of a type that will be affected by these sweats, at least this problem can be easily solved by applying insulation and lining to the roof section of the body. As usual, the basic needs should be determined from the very beginning. According to the usage area, insulation applications are evaluated based on customer needs and appropriate solutions are offered.