With the pressure difference created by the air fan pressed into the single-layer cover, the cover is stretched to stand in the air with the pressure difference created within the structure. The fan system in question works with electrical energy, and the structure stands with the fan system. The air printed by the fan system stretches the membrane and transfers the snow and wind loads to the ground thanks to the membrane tension. In order to prevent the air and wind pressure affecting the structure from damaging the system, the structure is fixed to the ground with steel dowels and clamps.

Inflatable structures are portable structures. Very large areas can be covered quickly, simply and economically with this system. An inflatable structure is a system that can work with stress and is installed by using compressed air of different density or quantity in two space segments separated by a non-permeable surface. The main carrier element in these systems is compressed air.

With this system, the use of formwork and scaffolding is not required in the formation of the structure. Inflatable structures, which can be built in a very short time (1-2 days), can be easily transported by covering a volume of several cubic meters when collected.

The necessary ventilation system is created taking into account the volume covered by the structure. Since the fans used in the structure are equipped with a snail system device, sound pollution is eliminated.

Nowadays, different types of tents are produced according to different usage styles and different environments. When choosing a tent, it is necessary to choose a suitable tent type based on the environment to be used, the climate situation, the microclimate of the area where the tent will be installed, the number of people who will benefit from the tent, the duration of use.

Inflatable membrane structures are structures formed together with the air supplied by the air compressor. Air plants that provide air to the system in inflatable membrane structures also provide the possibility of adjusting the indoor temperature. It can be easily stored by being disassembled at the end of the season. At the same time, it maximizes the service life of your areas with its high-quality, aesthetic and stylish structure.

It is at your service with DEKTA SERIES of tent systems without columns, without the need for steel construction, affordable cost according to your area in the sizes you want, fast installation, disassembled.

DEKTA INFLATABLE MEMBRANE 1835 SERIES Coating Material: Our domestic and imported production tarpaulins are selected to meet the usage and strength conditions of the structure. Decking warranty periods are between 2 years and 15 years, there is a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty periods for workmanship and installation are between 2 and 5 years according to annual maintenance agreements. Dec.

DEKTA INFLATABLE MEMBRANE 1835 SERIES Insulation: Insulation application cannot be made in this series. The air provides natural insulation.

DEKTA POLYGON ROOF 1835 SERIES Door: Tunnel door is made for tent entrances and exits.

DEKTA POLYGON ROOF 1835 SERIES FLOOR: The necessary technical information for installation in these series tents is provided free of charge by our company Dekta Tent.

Usage Areas:

Tennis court tents, basketball tents, grandstand top, sports field top, amphitheaters, eaves, swimming pools, gyms, warehouses, hangars, tourist facilities, beaches, temporary settlements after disaster, walking paths. Inflatable membrane is used for purposes such as buildings, social and cultural events, storage areas, sports fields, shelter centers in natural disasters.

In addition, it offers practical solutions with special manufacturing options according to customer needs.