Today, different types of tents are produced according to different usage styles and different environments. When choosing a tent, it is necessary to choose a suitable tent type based on the environment to be used, the climate situation, the microclimate of the area where the tent will be installed, the number of people who will benefit from the tent, the duration of use.

Jul tent systems are at your service with DEKTA SERIES, affordable cost according to your area in the sizes you want with a clean opening without columns, fast installation, disassembled tent systems.

DEKTA CRADLE ROOF 1015 SERIES series tents, the desired side height can be made from 1.5 meters to 15 meters according to the storage area. The CRADLE roof form is given to the roof part. Tent sizes are the widest; We produce tent systems from 5 meters to 15 meters and the desired size. The axle spacing is 3 meters. December. Tent carrier profiles are scissor system. Although the installation varies depending on the size, it is ready for use on the same day. Additions can be made easily and the areas of use can be easily divided with Decouples. The structures of the DEKTA CRADLE ROOF Series are both economical in terms of transportation and save time.

DEKTA CRADLE ROOF 1015 SERIES Coating Material: Materials such as tarpaulin, panel, sheet are used as steel construction coating material.  DEKTA has been using flame retardant tarpaulin in its tent series for many years. Our domestic and imported production tarpaulins are selected to meet the conditions of use and strength of the structure. Decking warranty periods are between 2 years and 15 years, there is a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty periods for workmanship and installation are between 2 and 5 years according to annual maintenance agreements. Dec.

DEKTA CRADLE ROOF 1015 SERIES Insulation: Insulation application to tent structures can be made easily. Insulation can be applied to the entire tent, including the body, front mirror (entrance), rear mirror, as well as only to the body section. If insulation is to be made, it must be specified during the order. Then, making an insulation application is a difficult and arduous process. Another advantage of making insulation and the issue that needs to be considered is that the tarpaulin, which is a tent covering material, can sweat in the morning. In order to prevent this, insulation or lining application should definitely be made.

DEKTA CRADLE ROOF 1015 SERIES Door: Hinged doors with profile frame, sliding doors with profile frame, automatic quick opening sectional doors can be made for tent entrances and exits.

DEKTA CRADLE ROOF 1015 SERIES FLOOR: It is more convenient to throw concrete on the floor for installation in these series tents. Our company Dekta Tent provides free information support about the ground. The measurement and technical information of the floor connection plates are provided with the details after the order.

USAGE AREAS: storage areas from 50 square meters to 1000 square meters, storage tents, sports tent, basketball tent, volleyball tent, football tent, manege tent, horse riding manegs, equestrian tents, construction site tent, dormitory tent, dining hall tent, construction site warehouse tent, marina tent, small storage tent, worm tent, beekeeping tent, sheep tent, shelter tent, greenhouse tent, poultry tent, mushroom production tent, it has usage areas such as goose breeding tent, lamb rearing tent, Covid inspection tent, Covid sampling tent.

In addition, it offers practical solutions with special manufacturing options according to customer needs.