Engineering Services

Exploration & Planning

As Dekta Engineering, it is important to correctly identify customer needs and provide appropriate solutions.

Exploring the area before the project, seeing the whole project and making the right determinations mean reaching the right solutions.

Benefit from our engineering knowledge and experience for on-time delivery.

For free discovery, please see the contact section.

Tent Manifacturing & Application

We control all the manufacturing stages of tent structures and we have certified this from an impartial organization in order to provide you with the best service. 

In addition to the quality assurance system, please call our company for our documents related to our steel construction production lines

Tent Service & Maintenance

Regular maintenance and maintenance of tent structures allows it to be used safely in harsh winter conditions. We inform you about the necessary retrofits and renovations by conducting reconnaissance of your structures.

The strength of your tent systems depends on the quality of the tarpaulin used and the construction technique of the steel construction, its calculations and proper installation.

There are many quality options available for tarpaulins with coating material.  The strength of the steel construction, on the other hand, includes important details from the design to the manufacture and installation.