Construction Site Systems

Construction site tents can be installed quickly, easily and as a disassembled system in the harsh working conditions of construction sites. Construction site tents are used as dormitory, dining hall, warehouse, workshop, sandblasting tent, shipping tent, paint tent, according to the intended use.

Our company makes production in stock at the construction site tent and serves its customers with the option of immediate delivery.

Flame-Resistant Tarpaulin is used as standard in the Construction Site Tent manufacturing.

The flame does not work tarpaulins light up when the flame source is held directly to the tarpaulin, but it goes out when the flame source is removed and the flame does not work.

Nowadays, different tents are produced according to different usage styles and different environments. When choosing a tent to be used in a specific event, it is necessary to choose a tent type suitable for the environment, climate situation, microclimate of the area where the tent will be installed, the number of people who will use the tent, the duration of use. DEKTA produces tent systems in the form of half cylinder and tunnel, 5 and 7 meters wide, desired length as standard in construction site tents in stock. However, it also offers practical solutions with special manufacturing options according to customer needs.

Additions can be made to the construction site tents easily and the areas of use can be easily divided with Decking partitions. The installation, dismantling and transportation of the construction site tent is both economical and saves time.

In the standard produced DEKTA tents, the tent body part is insulated. However, when it is to be used in cold climatic conditions, insulation application can be made in October in addition to the existing structure on the front and rear facades.