Cassette Tarpaulin

Cassette awning systems are a modern solution that adds elegance and functionality to spaces. It offers aesthetic and convenient cassette tarpaulin solutions. These systems facilitate protection from the harmful effects of the sun and changing weather conditions, while at the same time contributing to the decoration of the space. Dekta Engineering’s cassette awning systems are made of durable materials and provide a comfortable use with a user-friendly opening and closing mechanism.

Dekta Engineering provides customized cassette tarpaulin solutions suitable for the needs of its customers and ensures the aesthetic evaluation of all kinds of areas. Cassette awning systems in places such as restaurant terraces, cafe and hotel gardens, commercial areas allow users to spend a pleasant time outdoors on sunny days. Cassette awning systems offer the guarantee of long-lasting use and customer satisfaction with superior quality materials and professional installation.

Cassette Awning Systems provide versatile protection against weather conditions. When the cassette is retracted, it completely or partially covers the fabric, the lever mechanism and the motor to provide excellent protection. Its design is modern and elegant, and the well-designed device works smoothly. Its fit is perfect and closes smoothly. Markilux also offers customization options, including stainless steel mesh, chrome or color-matched cassette coatings.