Suspended Strecthing Structures

Suspended stretching structures are known as aesthetic and functional structures used in modern architectural designs. Dekta Engineering offers original and eye-catching solutions to users. These structures are usually used in sports halls, fairgrounds, concert venues, shopping malls, tourism facilities, restaurants, cultural events, amusement parks, botanical gardens, industrial and public buildings and other large venues. Suspended stretch structures are designed with durable materials and professional engineering and offer users wide openings, high ceilings and an impressive appearance.

The materials used in suspended tension structures have high strength and flexible properties. These structures are supported by stretched cables and a steel skeleton structure and are closed with membranes stretched over them. Thanks to this, it overcomes large openings while at the same time giving the structure lightness and an aesthetic appearance. Suspended stretch structures can be built in different shapes and sizes thanks to their flexible design features. Dekta Engineering’s suspended tensioning structures provide users with a modern and impressive space, while at the same time providing high durability and long-lasting use.

Suspended stretch structures are designed to provide structural stability at the same time as offering a spacious and open interior. These structures usually have the capacity to accommodate large crowds and offer flexible use. Suspended stretching structures are an ideal solution for large exhibition stands, sports events, concerts, exhibitions and other public events. Dekta Engineering ensures the successful realization of events by offering spacious interior spaces, visual attractiveness and functionality to the users with suspended stretching structures.