Plant Breeding & Greenhouse

Plant cultivation and greenhouse systems are one of the indispensable elements of modern agriculture. Dekta Engineering offers high-quality greenhouse systems that provide farmers with an efficient and controlled environment. These systems optimize plant growth, making it possible to obtain continuous and high-quality products throughout the year.

Plant breeding and greenhouse systems include various controls to improve plant health and growth. Greenhouse systems provide ideal growing conditions for plants by controlling parameters such as heating, lighting, humidity and ventilation. In this way, it makes it possible for plants to grow faster, obtain higher yields and higher quality products. Dekta Engineering offers a modern and efficient greenhouse experience to farmers with its plant breeding and greenhouse systems, technological equipment and expert design.

Plant cultivation and greenhouse systems enable production out of season and contribute to making plant cultivation more sustainable. Greenhouse systems ensure the growth of plants regardless of environmental factors and thus create a more stable production process. In addition, it protects against harmful insects, diseases and other external factors, allowing plants to grow in a healthier way. Dekta Engineering increases agricultural productivity by providing farmers with a safer and more controllable production environment with plant breeding and greenhouse systems.