Pergola Tents

Pergola tents are known as functional structures that are used to create a shady and comfortable space in outdoor areas. As a company specializing in Pergola tents, Dekta Engineering offers users an aesthetic appearance and a durable structure. Pergola tents are offered in various sizes and designs and can be customized according to the needs of users.

Dekta Engineering’s Pergola tent systems can be used in outdoor activities, cafe and restaurant gardens, hotel terraces and other similar places. These Pergola tents provide protection from the weather conditions while blocking the sun’s rays at the same time. Thanks to their durable skeleton structures and high-quality fabric coverings, Pergola tents are resistant to wind, rain and other weather conditions. Dekta Engineering provides users with a pleasant and comfortable outdoor experience with Pergola tent systems, while at the same time complementing the aesthetics of the space.

Whether disassembled, temporary or permanent, we cover your areas with tent systems at the most affordable cost.  Different construction options are determined according to your needs and the area and climatic conditions in which the structure will be installed. You can get detailed information for our Pergola, accordion, camellia, Pergola products with different color options.