Parking and Canopy​

Parking and canopy systems are practical solutions used to provide protection to vehicles and effectively protect them from the sun. These systems are made of high-quality materials and provide long-lasting use with their robust structure. Dekta Engineering provides effective protection of vehicles from sun, rain and other weather conditions while offering an aesthetic appearance with parking and canopy systems.

Parking and canopy systems have a wide range of uses and aim to keep users’ vehicles safe. Dekta Engineering provides parking and canopy solutions that can be customized according to the needs of its customers, ensuring that all types of areas are evaluated effectively. Protection is provided to vehicles by using parking and canopy systems in many different places such as parking lots, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings. With Dekta Engineering parking and canopy systems, it ensures that users can park their vehicles safely and at the same time protect the aesthetics of the space.

Parking and canopy systems are an ideal option for protecting users’ vehicles and protecting them from the burning and harmful rays of the sun. It also prevents damage to your vehicles from Hail and other excessive rainfall. Dekta Engineering’s parking lots and shades have designs where users can park their vehicles safely and at the same time offer a comfortable environment by creating a shade area. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and an expert installation team, parking lot and canopy systems provide long-lasting use and customer satisfaction.

The measurement is made according to the number of vehicles or the area of use