Livestock Tents

Livestock tents are important for farms and breeding areas used in the livestock sector. Dekta Engineering offers robust, durable and functional livestock tents to farm owners. Animal husbandry tents, which provide an ideal environment for sheltering, protecting and raising animals, aim to offer a comfortable life to animals, especially in open areas.

Livestock tents can be designed to suit a wide range of animal species. Tents with different specifications are available for cattle, small animals, poultry or other animals. These tents are designed in accordance with the needs of animals, taking into account factors such as ventilation, safety and comfort. Dekta Engineering offers a long-lasting and reliable use with its livestock tent systems, robust steel skeleton structure, durable fabric coating and special design features.

Livestock tents ensure that animals are raised in conditions closest to their natural habitat. These tents provide protection for animals from the sun, rain, wind and other weather conditions, while at the same time fulfilling the appropriate temperature and ventilation conditions. In addition, the easy cleaning and maintenance of the tents also provides convenience to the farm owners.

In projects such as lamb factory, hay tent, tent navigation areas, maternity ward, infirmary, etc. we offer a turnkey structure where we create all the living spaces. Please visit the communication section for our lamb breeding and lamb factory projects.