Industrial Tents

Industrial tents are mostly used in storage, workshop, shipment areas. Regardless of the purpose of use, it is important to work with the right company at the time of designing tent systems.

Tent structures are also structures that can be licensed. Our company also carries out the necessary fire, electrical, architectural and static projects for the licensing of tent structures.

Tent structures used in industrial areas and many other areas have many advantages. Steel structures have many advantages such as earthquake safety, suitability for weak floors due to their light weight, economic recycling due to disassembly, high material strength and elasticity, creation of wide openings, architectural freedom, fast manufacturing and assembly process, reducing infrastructure costs.

The manufacturing and installation times of steel building elements are much shorter than other alternative structures. This ensures that the construction, project and costing costs are reduced to a minimum.

The steel construction structure provides a significant economic gain and time advantage compared to alternative structures in the foundation constructions and preliminary preparation works of the regions requiring reinforcement.

Steel construction structures have the opportunity to pass wide openings in industrial structures without columns and without carriers in places. This both reduces the cost and allows the structure to be used in a more aesthetic way.

The manufacture and installation of steel structural elements are not affected by weather conditions. In connection with the labor force to be used, every point where human power can be used appropriately provides uninterrupted operation and installation opportunities.

Unlimited solution possibilities in architecture provide a much more aesthetic and future-oriented permanent trouble-free use in the project.

If desired, the entire steel carrier system is dismantled without casualties and transported to the desired point in the world very economically. The Decoupable disassembly also provides the opportunity for temporary storage works on rented plots, and prevents material loss with minimal loss in transportation, replacement, enlargement or downsizing operations.

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