Foldable Tent Systems

Foldable Tent Systems are accordion type tent systems and are easy to install. It takes up exponentially less space when desired. Concrete drying on construction sites, player entrance and exit tent in stadiums, protective tent in loading and unloading areas, maintenance and repair tent, infectious disease detection tent, vaccination tent, etc. it has areas of use. Foldable tent systems are an ideal option to meet the need for temporary space with their practical and portable structures. It allows you to quickly and easily create a temporary venue at various events, fairs, exhibitions or outdoor events.

Dekta Engineering’s foldable tent systems are offered in different sizes and designs. In this way, it can be produced in special sizes in accordance with the needs of users and the requirements of the place.  Side heights are determined according to customer requirements in different sizes. The collapsible tents are weather resistant with sturdy skeleton structures and high quality fabric coverings. In addition, assembly and disassembly operations can be performed quickly and easily. Dekta Engineering offers practicality, functionality and an aesthetic experience to users with foldable tent systems.

Foldable tent systems can meet various needs in different areas by offering the possibility of multi-purpose use. Dekta Engineering foldable tent systems are used in many different areas such as outdoor events, commercial exhibitions, sports events, fairs, festivals or military camps. These tents provide their users with the opportunity to create a temporary space quickly, while at the same time offering robustness and durability.