Disaster Tent

Disaster tents are among the important structures used to provide fast and temporary shelter during natural disasters or emergencies. Dec. As a company specializing in disaster tents, Dekta Engineering offers durable and convenient disaster tent solutions. Disaster tents are made of strong materials, have waterproof and weather resistant features. It aims to meet the needs of disaster victims by providing fast and effective shelter for emergency situations.

In Turkey and other regions located above the earthquake belt, investors now prefer steel structures for safe structures. Steel construction is a type of foundation that is used for all purposes in all parts of the world today and is used in every structure that requires durability, strength and longevity. Tent structures are portable and fast-installed structures that can be used as dormitory tent, dining hall tent, game tent, sports tent.

Steel is the most accurate construction building material for every floor class and earthquake zones with its light weight, high strength and durability, more elastic structure and creep properties compared to alternative products.

Disaster tents can be designed in different sizes and specifications. It offers disaster tent solutions suitable for the needs of customers and takes into account various details. For example, the indoor arrangements of the tents, bed capacities, water and electricity connections… Also, compliance with safety and hygiene standards are taken into account. Dekta Engineering’s disaster tents help to meet the housing needs of disaster victims by being used effectively in emergency management and relief operations. In addition, fast installation is very important in disaster situations. In addition, the material used should be a high-quality and flame-resistant tarpaulin against fires