Bellows Awning

Bellows awning systems are a very important decorative and functional solution. Dekta Engineering offers modern and stylish design bellows awning solutions. These systems add an aesthetic touch to the spaces, providing both a visually attractive appearance and protection from sunlight and weather conditions. The awning systems with bellows are made of durable materials and offer ease of use with the ability to open and close easily.

Bellows awning systems are a flexible and practical solution that can be used in different places. Dekta Engineering ensures that all kinds of areas are used with maximum efficiency by providing customized bellows awning solutions suitable for the needs of its customers. Bellows awning systems; grocery store, greengrocer, grocery store, cafe, restaurant, hotel, villa, garden in various places such as creating a visual elegance while helping customers to have a pleasant time in a comfortable environment. Bellows awning systems offer a guarantee of long-lasting use and satisfaction with high-quality materials and professional installation.

It makes your outdoor spaces usable in rainy and sunny weather. It creates pleasant areas in your gardens and outdoor spaces. Dot spot offers a solution to your outdoor lighting problem thanks to its add-on case. Thanks to the imported acrylic fabric, it reflects your style and does not cause fading leakage problems. It can be used with motor and manually. The wind can be controlled remotely by adding a home solar sensor. Thanks to its aluminum frame, it extends the life of your awning with long-term protection.