Articulated Awning

It makes your outdoor spaces usable in rainy and sunny weather. It creates pleasant areas in your gardens and outdoor spaces. It can be used with motor and manually. The wind can be controlled remotely by adding a home solar sensor. It reflects your style with imported acrylic fabric options and does not cause fading leakage problems. Thanks to its aluminum frame, it extends the life of your awning with long-term protection. Dot spot offers a solution to your outdoor lighting problem thanks to its add-on case.

Since articulated awning systems can be used in different places, they ensure that all kinds of areas are used with maximum efficiency. Articulated awning systems in various places such as restaurant terraces, cafe and hotel gardens, commercial areas help users to have a pleasant time outdoors on sunny days.

Articulated awning systems are a solution that stands out with its user-friendly features. Dekta Engineering’s articulated awnings become ready for use quickly with a practical opening and closing mechanism. In addition, they can optionally be controlled by remote control or automatic sensors. Thanks to this, users can turn the awning on and off at any time and enjoy the sun and weather conditions as they wish. Articulated awning systems offer practicality, comfort and an aesthetic experience to their users.