Aircraft Hangars

Dekta Engineering offers professional and reliable solutions for aircraft hangar. Aircraft hangars are of critical importance for the protection, maintenance and storage of aircraft. Dekta Engineering’s aircraft hangar designs are specially constructed to have large openings and high ceilings. These designs provide an ideal working environment where large-scale aircraft can easily enter and exit and maintenance activities can be carried out easily. In addition, aircraft hangars support the long-term use of aircraft by providing protection from weather conditions.

We manufacture aircraft hangars with tarpaulin, sheet or panel coating on steel construction. Statically, we produce structures resistant to difficult weather conditions by Deciphering regional snow loads, wind loads and ground statics together.

As Dekta engineering, we provide project design – manufacturing – installation and service services within our own structure. The design of the hangars can be adapted according to the customer’s needs and the available space. It aims to maximize the safety and maintenance of aircraft by using durable building materials and installation methods in accordance with safety standards. With its professional team, it is in a leading position in the sector by offering high-quality and reliable aircraft hangars to aircraft owners and airline companies.

Aircraft hangars are important structures that need to be evaluated in different parameters. Our company has many references in military and public spaces in many parts of Turkey. Aircraft hangar, unmanned aerial vehicle canopy, unmanned aerial vehicle hangar are some of the products in this product group.

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