Aircraft Canopy

Airplanes must be protected from the harmful effects of the sun, and therefore an accurate shading solution is vital. Dekta Engineering offers specially designed and high-quality aircraft canopy systems to ensure the safety and maintenance of aircraft. These systems reduce the temperature of the aircraft by blocking the sun’s rays and reduce the harmful effects of UV rays.

These shades are suitable for airports, military bases, private flight areas and other aircraft parking areas. Dekta Engineering’s professional team offers customized aircraft canopy solutions taking into account the needs of its customers. Aircraft canopy systems, which are produced using reliable and durable materials, provide long-lasting use and ensure the protection of aircraft from external factors.

The aircraft canopy plays an important role in the maintenance and preparation processes of aircraft. It ensures that aircraft can be safely subjected to maintenance and repair processes. Under the canopy, a suitable working environment is formed for the operations to be performed on the aircraft, which ensures that maintenance processes are carried out efficiently. In addition, aircraft can be prepared, refueled and the necessary checks can be carried out in a sheltered way under the canopy. Dekta Engineering’s aircraft canopy solutions provide an important contribution to its customers in the aviation industry by providing an effective and safe working space during the maintenance and preparation processes of aircraft. Our company has made airplane shades for air vehicles in many parts of Turkey.

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