Agriculture and Livestock Storage Tents

Although our country is an agricultural country, it has not yet reached sufficient production capacity. Every inch of arable land of our beautiful country is our national wealth. Agricultural and livestock storage tents support the sustainability of production by providing agricultural and livestock enterprises with a more orderly and efficient working environment.

Agricultural and livestock storage tents are special structures designed to meet the storage needs that play an important role in the agricultural sector. Dekta Engineering offers high quality and durable storage tents specific to the agricultural and livestock sector. These tents are ideal for the protection and storage of various materials such as agricultural products, feed, fertilizer, agricultural machinery and animal shelters. Also used for goose breeding, poultry breeding, bee breeding, sheep Decoys, cattle sheds, etc. it has areas of use.

Agricultural and livestock storage tents provide long-lasting use with their robust skeleton structure and durable fabric coating. Dekta Engineering provides a safe storage area to farmers and agricultural enterprises, while at the same time ensuring that materials are stored in optimal conditions. These tents help to maintain the quality of products without being affected by weather conditions. In changing climatic conditions, certain wind loads are now taken into account and manufacturing is carried out accordingly. In addition, it provides practicality for users thanks to its easy assembly and disassembly features.